Thematic Discussion Forum Instructions

Presenters in thematic discussion forums

Each thematic discussion forum will get its own “building.” Each building has a stage for the presenters and tables for the attendees to sit at. There are four buildings at the conference: Main, Wapiti, Moose and Lynx. In the program, find your presentation to determine the location of your thematic discussion forum building.

Each presentation has a dedicated moderator who will introduce you and help with some of the Remo features. We recommend that you show up to your discussion early so you can check in with the moderator at the table labeled “Presenters’ Table”.

As a main presenter, you can

  • share your screen with everyone,
  • how videos by linking directly to popular video sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo
  • invite attendees on the stage (to a maximum of 10), and
  • use the chat and Q&A features.
Further, you can ask the tables to discuss topics (similar to breakout rooms) and attendees can choose where they go. Each table will have access to a dedicated chat area.

We encourage you to think about how you can use these features to make a truly interactive presentation.

Prior to the Forum, you’ll be introduced to the moderator of your presentation. We recommend you discuss how you plan to use the features of Remo in the presentation as the moderator will need to help you with many of them (see the instructions below for specific).

Here are detailed instructions for thematic discussion presenters on how to use the Remo features: Please note: We are recommending that you do not use the whiteboard feature provided as it does not work well in with multiple pitch rooms at the same table. Instead, we suggest that if you want to use a feature like a whiteboard, you use a third-party version that you prepare ahead of time like Padlet or Google Jamboard.