Pitch Room Instructions

Presenters in pitch rooms

Each pitch session is repeated three times (similar to the “cracker barrel” sessions at previous Symposia). Multiple pitch rooms run concurrently and after 20 minutes, participants move on to another table and the presenter repeats the pitch to a new group.
All pitch room sessions are held at a virtual table in the main building either on the first or second floor. In the program, find your presentation to determine the location of your pitch room table.

For your assigned table, you have access to:

  • Sharing your screen
  • Table specific chat
Each table has a maximum number of seats of twelve or sixteen. We have endeavored to put larger presentation groups at the larger tables.

Here are detailed instructions for pitch room presenters on how to use the Remo features: Please note: We are recommending that you do not use the whiteboard feature provided as it does not work well in with multiple pitch rooms at the same table. Instead, we suggest that if you want to use a feature like a whiteboard, you use a third-party version that you prepare ahead of time like Padlet or Google Jamboard.