Full Program

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Link to (virtual) main building in Remo:
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See Logistics for more information about the online platform Remo.

Schedule at a glance

Pitch room sessions

This year, we have at least twenty-five pitch rooms over three sessions! In the pitch rooms, presenters share their research in progress and seek feedback with the objective of establishing connections with like-minded scholars and sparking new ideas for both presenters and attendees.

Thematic discussion forums

This year there are fifteen thematic discussion forums that explore, critique, and discuss key lines of inquiry emerging within SoTL to catalyze conversations on important and emerging themes such as student as partners, SoTL and Covid, and decolonization practices.

For more information on how the pitch rooms and thematic discussion forums will run in the online platform, please visit our section on logistics.

Keynote Speaker

Social events

The social events portion of the SoTL event will be held on Thurs Nov 11th from 3-3:30pm MST in the main building of Remo. Please use the space as an opportunity to unwind and get to know one another.