Remo Instructions


For the 2021 (Virtual) Forum for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, we chose an online platform that promotes connection, collaboration, and conversation: Remo.co

Remo is an atypical online conference and you notice a difference right away when you enter a Remo event. Instead of joining a lot of talking heads, you are placed at a table where you can immediately start chatting with a small group of people.


The Keynote and larger presentations (e.g., thematic discussions) will take place in dedicated spaces, called buildings in Remo. At the front of the room is a stage where presenters can engage and address all attendees at the tables. Presenters can share their screens, invite people to join them, and share a whiteboard with everyone. Attendees can raise their hands, put comments in the chat, and suggest and upvote questions.


Within each building are tables that can accommodate up to eight people (including presenters). Each table has a dedicated chat area, whiteboard, and screen sharing.

Remo Screenshot ISOTL

But you are not confined to that table. You can easily move around to different tables to interact. Say you see a colleague that you haven’t chatted with since the pandemic began. Simply double click on their table to join them or send them a direct message through the chat feature and ask them to join you at a private table.

Pitch Rooms

Each pitch room presentation will be assigned a table that will be labelled so they are easy to find. The presenter(s) can share their screen, set up a whiteboard for the table, or just have an informal conversation. Each table also has a dedicated chat area. If you are presenting a pitch room, click here for more details.

Thematic Discussion Forums

The thematic discussion forums will be run in individual rooms/buildings. The presenter(s) will be on a stage with the attendees at tables. The presenter(s) can encourage discussion by asking attendees to chat at their tables, invite attendees up to the stage to share their thoughts, have each table brainstorm on a whiteboard, and more. If you are presenting a thematic discussion forum, click here for more details.

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